All Night Long!
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Well, my friends the time has come,
Raise the roof and have some fun.
Throw a-way de work to be done,
Let the music play on.
(Play on, play on, play on...)

Everybody sing, everybody dance.
Lose yourself in and take a chance.

We're go'ng to party,Karamu,
fiesta, forever.Come on and sing along,

All night long
(4 times)

People dancing all in the street.
See the rhythm all in their feet.
Life is good, wild and sweet,
Let the music play on.
Feel it in your heart,And feel it in your soul.
Let the music take control.
We're go'ng to party,
Liming, fiesta, forever.
Come on and sing my song,

All night long
(4 times)

once you get started
you can't sit down.
Come join the fun,
it's a merry-go-round.
Everyone's dancing
their troubles away.
Come join our party,
see how we play!

Tom bo li de say de moi ya.
Yeah, jambo, jambo.
Way to party o' we goin',
Oh, jambalai.
Tom bo li de say de moi ya.
Yeah, jambo, jambo

All night long
(4 times)